what is improvidate?

About five years ago, an idea on a new dating concept arose. After attending a speed-dating event at a tequila bar that was run so poorly it felt like a prank, I decided there had to be a way to make an event to make people enjoy themselves, be themselves, and just play. After all, when you’re in that state – you’re ready to meet someone, as you are being your actual, fun-loving self. Why not try a night where at the very least, you make a giant group of new friends?

Meet Improvidate. We can’t tell you much about what will go on, because we want that to be reserved for our attendees. But, what we can tell you? Expect the organizational efficiency of a great networking event, the matchmaking ability of your best wingman, and the absolute joy of a beginner improv class.

…Basically, it’s a speed-dating event where you don’t want to kill yourself by table number 4.

Be a Part of Our Inaugural Event!

Come be a part of our inaugural event, November 5th (for a reduced rate!) at iO Chicago! There will be door prizes, a smattering of free wines, and reduced or free tickets to iO shows offered to each participant!


Here are the rules for the first event:

Must be single to participate; The first attempt is for straight-identifying individuals, though many variations are soon to follow! Participants must be single/straight identifying, between the age of 25-40. There are no other guidelines – we like variety.

Want In?!? Click the appropriate link below to GET YOUR TICKET NOW!


***There are ONLY 20 tickets available to each gender, so be a part of the launch!***


Meet the Love of Your Life, Have the Time of Your Life™

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